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  Body Of Knowledge

  Operating Systems

 Windows - Mac OS  
 Migrating to HP-UX / Tru64 UNIX  
 Windows - Linux  
 Unix - Windows  
 Migrating to Sun Solaris  
 Unix - Mac OS X  
 Migrating to Linux  
 Cross-Platform Solutions  
 Java For Mac OS X  

  OS Versions

 Mac OS 8/9 - Mac OS X  
 Unix Variants - Linux  
 Win16 - Win32  


 FoxPro - DB/2  
 Legacy File Formats - RDBMS  


 VB - VB .NET  
 C/C++ - C#  
 C - Java  
 Fortran/Pascal / Cobol - C/C++  


 MFC / PowerPlant - wxWindows  
 PowerPlant - Cocoa  


 J2EE - .NET  
 Migrating to .NET  
 DCOM - .NET Remoting  

  Development Tools

 MSVC - Codewarrior  

  Web Platforms

 ASP - ASP .Net  
 JSP - ASP.Net  
 ASP - PHP  
 Apache Tomcat - Web Objects  
 ASP - Web Objects  


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Confused about portinggurus.com? Here is the faq!


What is portinggurus.com?

It is a community site maintained and sponsored by Mindfire Solutions, which will fill the big void and provide a consolidated platform to all professionals taking up the area of Software Re-engineering.


Why another community site?

Because we tried but couldn't really find a single destination for software porting professionals, enabling community interaction and establishment of porting as a separate discipline with its own body of knowledge.


Seems Interesting, but what do I do next?

If the idea seems interesting and useful to you and you want to be a part of the building process, please drop us an email.



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