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PortingGurus WWW

Articles .

Here is a list of White Papers currently available at www.portinggurus.com. Most of these have been contributed by Mindfire Solutions, but we would like to convert this 'Most of these' to 'A few of these' as soon as possible.

We welcome you to add to this list. Please mail us your articles/white papers at contribute@portinggurus.com 


Porting: Development Techniques

This paper discusses software-porting process in details highlighting the steps involved in the process. It also talks about significant issues faced in a typical porting process and suggests appropriate strategies that should be used to make the whole process simpler.


Porting: Test Techniques

While justifying the need of a separate testing strategy for ported applications, this paper discusses testing methodology for porting projects. Portions of this document talk about the stage-wise testing approach and then elaborate each one to create a substantial and comprehensive process. Best practices gained from practical experiences make this paper a good guide for testing software ports.


Porting: A Business Decision

Porting is a significant, if oft-neglected, strategy for software businesses. Multi-platform products have multiple benefits, while bringing with them possible headaches. The porting process itself carries a few risks. In this white paper, we discuss the pros and cons of porting. We also consider some pitfalls, and finally outline options available for porting. 


Moving ASP to ASP.NET

This paper discusses the techniques and methods in porting an existing ASP application to the ASP .NET technology. It also talks about issues faced in porting of existing ADO-to-ADO .NET technology and suggests appropriate steps that should be used to make the whole process simpler


Porting: Win - Mac Issues

This paper talks about hands on experiences of porting of applications, involving Mac and Windows, discussing in detail the issues faced and solutions/strategies adopted during the process.


Porting: An Unix - NT experience

It is required to design and implement a thread management application, to be integrated with the existing architecture of a telecommunications application for monitoring 96 telephone ports and responding to the messages received by firing corresponding application. The application's purpose is to manage the communication between these 96 threads, which are responsible for monitoring the telephone ports.


Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X: Introduction to Carbonization

This article talks about the impact of OS X on existing applications, then goes on discussing the options available (specifically Carbon) for enabling them to run on OS X.


An Experience in Carbonization

This paper talks about a hands on experience of carbonization of an application, discussing in details the actual steps involved and the issues faced during the process.


Developing Web Services using JAX-RPC

This paper discusses a RMI driven approach to building Web Services for an existing Java Application. We deal with the basics of JAX-RPC and steps in using Sun’s Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP). We describe the architecture and process used to implement a Web Services wrapper layer over an existing RMI-enabled Java application.


MS-SQL compatibility for Java Application

This paper discusses the aspects of making a java application MSSQL compliant. Based on practical experience we talk about the few differences in Oracle and MSSQL using JDBC. Also how to choose the JDBC driver suited for your job is touched upon inside.



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