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Miscellaneous .



MS-SQL compatibility for Java Application  

This paper discusses the aspects of making a java application MSSQL compliant. Based on practical experience we talk about the few differences in Oracle and MSSQL using JDBC. Also how to choose the JDBC driver suited for your job is touched upon inside.



The following topics address issues that occur when migrating a legacy platform to the current version of Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET. If you are migrating from 2.12 or 3.0 you might want to familiarize yourself with the new features and processes of Microsoft Platform Builder 4.2 by reading Platform Builder Tutorials in the Getting Started guide. Of particular interest is the new Upgrade Wizard in Platform Builder, which can automate many of your migration tasks.



Sooner or later we all contemplate porting software, for many this will not come to pass, it only takes a few moments consideration to know that porting your MFC application to VxWorks is not an option. However, until Java, Linux and Oracle succeed destroying to opposition it will remain a fact of life.



When evaluating porting strategies, you must choose between shallow and deep porting. Shallow ports use tools or emulation software. Deep ports rewrite code to take advantage of the new platform and improve the application's look-and-feel. You can port your application from Windows NT to the Solaris Operating Environment using tool-based porting, manual porting, or the Java platform



Benefits of Migration from Windows NT to the Solaris Operating Environment



An ASPMigration Technical Case Study



Description not available.



The large-volume trucking division of FedEx recently installed 15 Red Hat Linux 7.2 and 7.3 servers running Apache Web server to act as a front end to its customer service application, used by businesses that hire Freight to deliver multitruckload shipments of goods across the country.



An introduction to the Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA). Video presentations on the conversion process, background material, and best practices. A comprehensive set of white papers on technical conversion issues. Source code for a major Web site before and after conversion. Extensive guidance on how to best leverage ASP.NET, including new best practices material from the Prescriptive Architecture Guidance (PAG) group. Case studies, performance analysis, and other customer evidence. Sample book chapters, training materials, and links to other ASP.NET resources.



With ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET, creating Web applications and stand-alone Windows desktop applications are becoming nearly identical tasks. Explore how you can move your Visual Basic 6.0 skills to the Web using ASP.NET.



The next platform for your embedded application will use a new processor, and the original software must run on it next week. Depending on the original system architecture and the tools available, the task can be either a breeze or a nightmare.



When Random House and Infusion Development wanted to simplify the maintenance and reduce the licensing costs of the Web site associated with the CodeNotes book series, they ported the site from JSP to Microsoft ASP.NET with the help of Microsoft's new Java Language Conversion Assistant 2.0. After porting, they found that new site features are faster and easier to develop, and the site is easier to modify in ASP.NET. They closely monitored and documented their own porting experience and used that as the basis for a JSP to ASP.NET Migration Guide.



Migration strategy for moving from ASP to ASP.NET



Articles for Migration from Windows NT to the Solaris Operating Environment



Description not available.



Creating a Java Implementation for Windows that Undermined Portability and Was Incompatible with Other Implementations



Porting to DB2 Universal Database V8 from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 If you're considering migrating to DB2® Universal Database™, you may be looking for information on exactly what's included in the DB2 UDB product family, and how its capabilities map to or compare with capabilities available in Microsoft® SQL Server.



Porting from UNIX to NT Intergraph is the largest Windows NT development site in the world; Digital Equipment is number 2; Microsoft is number 3! Intergraph is a US-based multinational company that has been providing both hardware and software products for the technical market for more than 20 years. Several years ago, the company undertook the significant task of converting its line of UNIX-based software solutions to the NT environment.



Gotchas when porting UNIX software to OS X Over the past year and change I've worked on porting quite a few projects to OS X. At first, it's a pretty scary ordeal, but most of the issues you'll run into are easily solved if you know how. To save yourself the trouble of figuring this out yourself, read on...



Developing Cross-Platform ASP applications (pdf) Discusses the concept of cross-platform Web application development using Sun ONE ASP and Microsoft Active Server Pages products, and provides specific recommendations for writing applications that are platform-independent. (December 4, 2001)



Porting is a big subject. Witness the fact that I sat down to write a couple of thousand words on the subject and here we are in a third article and still I’m thinking of things I should cover! Even if you never need to do a port an awareness of the issues is important. Firstly, someone else may need to port your code so a little bit of thought up front may payoff in the long run. Secondly, porting is like travelling, it widens your horizons, why do other platforms do things different? can you live without a message pump? It imposes extra constrains on software which usually improve the quality because they force us to think more like engineers and less like hackers.



Of course, we would all like porting to be a non-issue. In an ideal world we build our products for multiple platforms. In the real world we can’t see the future: we don’t know which database vendor will become dominate in our field, or which OS will become strategically important to the company, nor do we know that the company will be taken over in a year and that as part of the IBM empire we must support OS/2!



Although the designers of Microsoft® ASP.NET have done an excellent job in preserving backward compatibility with ASP applications, there are a few key items you need to be aware of before undertaking the effort of moving a Web application from ASP to ASP.NET. A solid understanding of the technologies that have changed or been introduced with the .NET platform and ASP.NET will go a long way in making this process a whole lot easier.



J-ASP enables you to migrate Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) applications to the J2EE platform. The ASP application is migrated to a JavaServer Page or Java Servlet application that run on any Web Servers that support Jsp/ Servlet.



c++ tools /programs/utilities



Description not available.



ArgoUml - a Java open source UML Tool that can reverse engineer java source files and folders and generate UML diagrams.



Description not available.



Description not available.



Description not available.



Description not available.



Description not available.


Tutorial ASP-PHP (1/5)

Tutorial ASP - PHP (1/5) Mixed cards of initiation ASP|PHP



ASP to ASP.NET Migration Handbook: Concepts and Strategies for Successful Migration



Tagging Along with ASP.NET, JSP and ColdFusion Copyright 2002 Paragon Corporation ( October 07, 2002)



Provides a quickstart to migrating from ASP to ASP.NET



Migrates from ASP to ASP.NET ASP2ASPX is an assistant tool for migrating from ASP to ASP.NET. It is written in C#. It makes the whole migration easily and quickly. It will save your Time, save your Money and make your application faster, more secure, and easier to develop/maintain.



July 15, 2003 Microsoft Targets J2EE Users with JLCA 2.0 By Thor Olavsrud Continuing its efforts to migrate organizations from the J2EE (define) platform into the .NET (define) camp, Microsoft (Quote, Company Info) Tuesday launched Java Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) 2.0, the latest version of a tool geared to smoothing the path for Java language developers to work with Web services and Web- and Windows-based applications within the .NET Framework.



JSP vs ASP 5-6 years back it was easy to choose a server-side language as CGI used to be only the only scripting language available. But in due course of time, the developers found out that CGI scripts were inefficient and it was very difficult to write server extensions......



JSP to ASP.NET Migration Guide



want to tell you about a project that was simple at first glance. Initially, it looked like things would be fairly straightforward: Port a Web application over to ASP.NET and its Windows CE client application over to the Compact Framework. But as things turned out, it wasn’t that easy. The particulars of the applications and the politics of the environment we were working under conspired to make us choose between a graceful solution that ran like molasses in January, and a relatively ugly but much better-performing solution.



There are still ASP programmers out there who haven't made the jump to ASP.NET yet and aren't sure if they should. This article will look at some of the reasons for (and against) moving over to the .NET Framework. It's all so big



Power point slide



Description not available.



Various file format converters



Web Programming with PHP - Why choose PHP? Copyright 2001 Paragon Corporation ( December 20, 2001)



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