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Web Platforms : ASP - ASP .Net .



Moving ASP to ASP.NET  

This paper discusses the techniques and methods in porting an existing ASP application to the ASP .NET technology. It also talks about issues faced in porting of existing ADO-to-ADO .NET technology and suggests appropriate steps that should be used to make the whole process simpler



Description not available.



This document begins with an examination of a typical data-driven ASP application and then discusses porting the ASP application to ASP.NET.



Porting existing ASP projects into ASP.NET ones is sure to be a common task for some time to come. ASP.NET provides a rich framework of support for writing much better organized and robust web applications. In this article Im not going to focus on the new features of ASP.NET but instead am going to recount some of the issues in simply making an ASP Web Application work under ASP.NET.



When Random House and Infusion Development wanted to simplify the maintenance and reduce the licensing costs of the Web site associated with the CodeNotes book series, they ported the site from JSP to Microsoft ASP.NET with the help of Microsoft's new Java Language Conversion Assistant 2.0



I know from experience that you can get a 50 to 80 percent performance benefit just from moving a user interface (UI) from ASP to ASP.NET. Since the .NET Framework provides excellent interoperability with existing COM objects, it’s logical to consider porting just the ASP-based UI layer of an application over to ASP.NET.



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Description not available.



Are you an ASP developer who is planning to move to ASP.NET? Do you have an ASP application that you are considering porting? The move from ASP to ASP.NET is a big step whichever way you look at it. There are important decisions to be made and many pitfalls to be avoided. It is important to have a good plan based on sound knowledge. In this book, professionals who have made the move from ASP to ASP.NET pass on their experience of the migration process. They will share with you the techniques that they have used in moving to ASP.NET, helping you to migrate successfully. The book covers: Choosing a migration strategy; Redesigning your application to take advantage of .NET; Coding differences between ASP and ASP.NET; Porting business objects to .NET; Interoperating with existing COM objects and services; Getting the most from .NET data access and XML support. ASP to ASP.NET Migration Concepts and Strategies for Successful Migration Handbook.



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Description not available.



Link contains various software for convertion from one technology to the other



This presentation discusses the most common migration issues, solutions, and provides a few facts that you have to be aware of when you migrate an existing ASP application to ASP.NET. You will also hear about some basic considerations for converting your ASP application to an ASP.NET application



This article explores some basic considerations for moving existing ASP applications to the ASP.NET environment as quickly and efficiently as possible



This is a very good document providing an examination of a typical data- driven ASP application and then discusses porting the ASP application to ASP.NET. It also deals with Running ASP and Microsoft ASP.NET on the same Web server and examining a common ASP application


ASP to ASP.NET Migration Handbook

ASP to ASP.NET Migration Handbook which deals with techniques that help in moving to ASP.NET successfully.



Article tells the migration strategy from Classic ASP To ASP.NET



Before .NET came along, there were many distinct and fundamental differences between creating classic ASP Web applications and building desktop Microsoft® Windows® applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0. For starters, Visual Basic application user interfaces were designed with drag-and-drop GUI tools in Microsoft Visual Studio®, whereas the user interfaces for ASP Web applications were created by manually adding



Description not available.



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