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OS Versions : Mac OS 8/9 - Mac OS X .



Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X: Introduction to Carbonization  

This paper talks about a hands on experience of carbonization of an application, discussing in details the actual steps involved and the issues faced during the process.


Introduction to Carbonization  

This article talks about the impact of OS X on existing applications, then goes on discussing the options available (specifically Carbon) for enabling them to run on OS X.



Driver migration is the process of converting current 68K drivers to native driver equivalents. Resources of type 'DRVR' in Mac OS are used to solve a broad variety of problems. Some 'DRVR' resources drive devices as part of the I/O subsytem. For example, SCSI disk device drivers use the SCSI Manager's I/O interface to access disks on the SCSI bus. These I/O manager-based resources need not migrate to the new services and run-time model. However, the 'DRVR' resources that control physical devices attached to a PCI bus must operate in a new, more restrictive environment.



This non-technical document provides background information to decision makers on the factors necessary to consider when deciding to migrate to MacOSX.



Migration Planning: Mac OS X



Description not available.



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