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PortingGurus WWW

OS Versions : Win16 - Win32 .



Steps to Port from Win16 to Win32

The Article decribes general porting strategies and guidelines to port code from Windows to MAC OS and UNIX platforms. It also provides an insight on porting Win16 Code to 32-Bit Windows.


Starting 16-bit WOW sub-system

Similar to the MS-DOS VDM, the Win 16 subsystem is a multithreaded VDM that allows multiple 16-bit Windows programs to run seamlessly on the Windows NT desktop. This gives 16 bit Windows programs the look and feel of the Windows NT 4.0 interface.



This document describes considerations involved in moving 16-bit Windows applications to Win32.


Migrating From 16-Bit Windows To 32-Bit Windows

Microsoft went to great extents to make the transition from 16-bits to 32-bits painless. That's not to say there won't be any gotchas. The size of data types have changed or have been extended. Messages have disappeared or have been replaced. Similarly for functions. The architecture for Windows 16 versus Windows 32 needs to be considered as you move from 16-bits to 32-bits. Overall, the changes have been kept to a minimum. This paper discusses the changes at the Window API level. If you are using an application framework like ObjectWindows 2.0 or higher, the differences are hidden from you.



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