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Operating Systems : Migrating to Linux .




Solaris and Linux are loosely related to Unix, so they ought to be a lot alike, right? Not so - the differences pose a great many "gotchas." Let this technical porting guide show you the ropes for porting your Solaris application to the Linux platform.



Technical guide for porting applications from Solaris to Linux, version 1.0 Comparision kind of artical



Its Linux FAQ kind of article, which talks general about linux



Tech Update OS Migration, Most mainstream monitoring vendors have ported their existing management tools to support Linux (e.g., Computer Associates, BMC, HP, IBM/Tivoli, Quest), and by YE03, monitoring support for Red Hat Linux will not be a competitive differentiator. Linux Management


Step-By-Step Guide for moving to Linux

This article describes my experience of migrating my everyday workstation from Windows ME to Linux. It also Talks about some common issues and their solutions.



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