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Operating Systems : Unix - Windows .



Porting: An Unix - NT experience  

It is required to design and implement a thread management application, to be integrated with the existing architecture of a telecommunications application for monitoring 96 telephone ports and responding to the messages received by firing corresponding application. The application's purpose is to manage the communication between these 96 threads, which are responsible for monitoring the telephone ports.


GTK+ UNIX To Win32 Porting Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to port a UNIX/GTK+ application to Win32, it is based on the information used by WolfPack Entertainment to port their own UNIX/GTK+ applications to Win32.


UNIX to Windows Porting Tools

This chapter describes several products for porting applications between UNIX and Windows NT.


MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers

MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers is the most complete solution for enterprise cross-platform development, deployment, interoperability, and migration of UNIX/Linux applications and scripts to Windows. From a single desktop, you can develop and migrate Motif, X Windows, 3-D, and OpenGL applications in C, C++, or Fortran, as well as non-graphical applications and scripts. Choose from UNIX-style command-line or graphical VisualStudio build environments. Use powerful scripting capabilities to automate your development and administration tasks.


Perils of Porting Applications from Unix to NT

As Windows NT takes a larger share of the client/server market, the migration of some Unix applications to NT will be inevitable. But porting them isn't a cut-and-dried process.


UNIX Application Migration Guide

The article deals with fundamentals of converting code from UNIX to Windows. Functional areas that surface when migrating to Win32 such as processes, threads, signal handling, memory management, networking and a host of related subjects are covered. The material is presented first with background on the migration issue followed by code


Porting Unix Applications to Windows NT

If you have a Unix application that you want to run under Windows NT, there's a lot more to the conversion process than simply recompiling the source code. The bitter truth is that the two operating systems do things differently and you're going to have to make significant modifications to your source code in order to get it to run under Windows NT.



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