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Operating Systems : Java For Mac OS X .



Running Java Applications on Mac OS X

In this article we'll look at how to take a Swing application that was never designed to run on the Mac and run it in progressively easier ways. As our example, we'll look at the JUnit developer tool available from JUnit.org. You use this tool for unit testing as part of the XP (extreme programming -- not the office product from Microsoft) methodology. No longer will Mac programmers have tool envy -- we can run these 100% Pure Java tools too. Finally, this month it's time for a community challenge. If it's this easy to run pure Java tools not intended for a Mac, why not download the latest Jini distribution and run its GUI tools with the Aqua look and feel?


QuickTime for Java Overview

QuickTime for Java brings together the power of QuickTime and Java, allowing developers to create Java software that takes advantage of the power of QuickTime on both Macintosh and Windows. As a result, it is possible for a Java application to take advantage of the rich media capabilities QuickTime provides, including the ability to play QuickTime movies, edit and create movies, capture audio and video, and perform sophisticated 2D and 3D animations.


Java on Mac OS X FAQ

Welcome to the Mac OS X Java Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for developers. This page is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the direction and current features of Java on Mac OS X, as well as common development questions and problems.


Tailoring JDirect using Java Applications for Mac OS X

All developers interested in creating products in Java using JDirect and making them compatible with Mac OS 8/9 and X will want to review this document.


Tailoring Java Applications for Mac OS X

This Technical Note describes techniques and methods that Java developers on Mac OS X can employ to provide a "complete Macintosh experience" in their Java applications on Mac OS X. It is also intended for Java developers from other platforms looking to bring their existing applications to Mac OS X as flawlessly as possible.


Java for Mac OS X

Many organizations rely on cross-platform Java tools for critical data analysis and database connectivity solutions. As the only mass-market desktop to bundle Java 2, Mac OS X's highly-optimized but fully-standard Java implementation is making it the preferred platform for developing and deploying Java applications.



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