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Operating Systems : Windows - Mac OS .



Porting: Win - Mac Issues  

This paper talks about hands on experiences of porting of applications, involving Mac and Windows, discussing in detail the issues faced and solutions/strategies adopted during the process.


Macintosh to Windows NT Migration

Your Macintosh crashes all the time and you want to throw it into a swamp and just use Windows NT (relatively crash-proof) on your desktop. But you have a bunch of important files on your Macintosh. What to do?



The purpose of this Guide is to get you started porting an existing procedural Win32 application written in C or C++ to Mac OS X. You are, of course, encouraged to explore Apple's various APIs and choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Mac2Win is a Porting Technology which allows Macintosh applications tobe ported to Windows in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of traditional approaches. WithMac2Win, a single focused development team can build the Windows versionof your application, from single set of native Mac source code and a singleMac resource file. The resulting Windows application has the native lookand feel of Windows 3.1, Windows NT or Windows 95.



The Article decribes general porting strategies and guidelines to port code from Windows to MAC OS and UNIX platforms. It also provides an insight on porting Win16 Code to 32-Bit Windows


MacWindows File Integration Solutions

Products that translate files between Mac and Windows file formats. (Sometimes called "filters.") Also list some products that assist with cross-platform file integration.



Windows Emulator for Mac



Strategies for porting software between Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS



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